The Power of Ratesight

Friday, March 29, 2019

Reviews are 15.44% based on an article in MOZ.  They have enough authority in the SEO and Marketing industry for me to believe them. 

And since every point counts, it's a good bet that if you get some good reviews, Google is going to sit up and take notice.

Reviews can be good or they can be bad.  Getting bad reviews on your website can act like a blocker for traffic or new clients coming your way. 

However, good reviews can be a great source of traffic generation.  We are told that 92% of online shoppers read reviews before they buy.  Now, are they going to buy from a business that has some bad reviews?  Well, perhaps they will.  It all depends on how a business takes care of those who have given the bad review.  If the business blames the customer or tries to wiggle out of the problem, then it will sound and look like it and people will turn away. 

Then again, if the business accepts the responsibility and amends the problem, then explains how they amended the problem, new customers will realize that if there is a problem, the business will take care of it and it's a good place to do business.  Just don't get too many bad reviews or no amount of solving the problems will overcome the bad reviews... or the bad ranking that Google will give. 

Ratesight is a program that makes it easy to ask for reviews from your clients or others so that you can have a steady supply of possitive reviews being posted to your website.  It is not meant to selicite fake or fancied reviews but to create an honest accounting of what a customer may think about the services provided by the business.  

Everyone can get a bad review.  You can't please all the people all the time.  But how you deal with a bad review is what makes a good company, great.

Check out Ratesight and what it can do for your company in getting reviews that work for you.

The Power of SEO Boost

Friday, January 04, 2019

SEO Boost is our name for Authoritative Business Listings.

Authoritative Business Listings are a fancy name for link backs to your website.  These link backs create a web of affiliation that Google likes and basically says that you have some serious authority being connected to these sites.

The sites we are talking about are some very tried and true business listing sites such as YP, or Yellow Pages, White Pages, Yelp, Angie's List, Google+, etc. There are hundreds, even thousands of these and the more you get, the more they become important to your SEO.

What does this mean for your website.  Well, it's actually about 15% of your SEO, so it becomes rather important.  

You can add them to your website yourself but it takes a long time and if you do it wrong, well, then it's just a waste of time.   So, we suggest you use us to build your Authoritation Business Listings with our SEO Boost on your new Simplesight Website.

Check here to see why it's so important to update your website to a Simplesight website.  There is Power in upgrading.  Just updating an old site won't make it do what you want it to do. 

Adding SEO Boost will show a dramatic increase in your page ranking.  Give it a try and let us show you what is possible.

Lawrence Law - The Website Guy


[email protected]

How Can I Get Good Leads from My Website?

Friday, December 21, 2018

You are in business and need to make sales.  Sales come from interested people in the products or services you are offering.  If they don't know about you then they won't know to buy your services or products.  How do you find interested people?  How do you find any people, let alone interested?  Good questions...

The Sales Funnel begins with a product or service that people are interested in.  How do we know they are interested?  Because they come to your website and read your content... that is if they can find your website.  Once they come to your website, you will need to have compelling information; information, copy, audio, video for them to interact with to compell them to buy your products or service.  So, we have a website, internet access, content, Google, interest, desire and the close to get them to buy.  Complicated.  

We have a client in Texas that has a dumpster business that was getting 2 to 3 calls a week for new business.  It was slow but steady business.  They heard of Simplesight and asked Simplesight to build them a Simple website and then focus on the SEO.  We added this and that and tweaked it here and there and then... they started getting a hundred calls a week for new business.  It staggered them as they worked hard to keep up with the new demand on their business.  They called up and demanded to know what we did, in a very stern voice.  Then they laughed and told us what was happening.  100 calls a week and they said, keep up the good work.  We love it!  

So, now we know that it takes a number of complicated items all coming together to create the perfect scenario to compell a client to buy. 

Let's make it easier.   As my father always said, anyone can make it complicated, it takes a genius to make is simple. 

Through these Blog Posts we will talk about each one of these areas that make up the Sales Funnel, but for now, we will be talking just about How I can get good leads from my website. 

Leads are your Lifeblood.

Leads are people asking for more information or asking that you contact them for more information, or they have decided they want to buy and are confused, challenged or lazy to find your webstore and purchase outright. 

Simplesight has perfected a system that works in harmony with SEO and your Website to compell people to leave their contact info so you can answer their questions or help them purchase the product or service which they were looking for.   Simplesight also has a Webstore Addon to reduce the number of people calling when all they really want to do is purchase from you on your website, not talk with you. No offense, they are just busy and want to buy without hassle and get on with their life. 

I'm not going to teach you all the ins and outs of how the internet works or how SEO works.  That's for the Techi's to teach in classes of Nerdy men and women who want to know that stuff.  I'm going to say it in layman's terms so we are on the same page and understand why Simplesight does the things they do to make you successful by getting you leads off your website. 

You need leads.  Simplesight will be doing some amazing things to make that happen but we also suggest that you help do some things that will also have a profound impact on the success of your website getting leads.  Can you do without what Simplesight does? No... can we do without what you do to make it all work?  No, they both work in harmony and it's what makes it all work together.

Here are some of the things that need to be done to start bringing in the leads that you want for your business.  

1 - Build a Simple, easy website that is easy to navigate, compelling to read and keeps interest for as long as possible. 

2 - Add new domain name, linked to local and says what you sell simply. 

3 - When building the website, incorporate key words and phrases that align with the products, services and benefits of your business for your client.

4 - Add a video with links that align with your business and industry. 

5 - Add a background video that captures attention and draws a person in. 

6 - Add Five Star Reviews so people can see what others like or dislike about your products, services and your service to them. 

7 - Add Backlinks to Authoritative Business Listings

8 - Request reviews from former clients and customers to rate your business positively.

9 - Add a Blog with regular posts to give interesting content to your website on a regular basis. 

What do you need to do?  Run your business.  We also suggest writing a post for your blog, telling people about your website and asking for reviews but other than that... run your business, we will do the rest and make it Simple. 

We want you to succeed.  Because if you succeed, we succeed and you tell other people about us because of how good we are.  We don't andertise because people like you who love what we do, love to tell others about us.   That's Awesome!!!

A Simple Site starts at $99/month.  We have Addons that are inexpensive and very helpful.  However, you can do the Addon Bundle and get all addons, a $185/month value for just $99/month additional.  It's Simple, It's Easy and IT WORKS!!!

Want to get started right away?

Call me, Lawrence Law, the website guy and I'll get review your needs and help you pick the perfect website for you and your business needs.   We can do this!  Call me today!

Call or text or write, or smoke signal me, but let me know that you want to get started right away. 

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The Power of a (Simplesight) Video

Monday, December 03, 2018

The power of a video added to your website is amazing for many reasons and can bring in a ton more traffic that you would never get without.


People love video's.  In fact, billions and billions of videos are watched every day.  They prefer to watch video than read text.  Here are some facts.

The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000.   300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!    Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.    In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube. 

Here is a great link to an article that explains why you likely to get ranked 50 times higher than someone without a video.

So, we do video.  When you get a Simplesight website from Studiosight, you get a video produced by a professional with a script that highlights your companies features, benefits and assets to the spotlight and now with SEO packed into the website, you get more traffic!  

How much more traffic?  Tons!!!  

Many of our clients have said that they love the new website and the video is awesome.  And their clients say they watch the video and love it!

Hey, it captures their attention and it keeps them on the website for much longer with a higher percentage clicking on the menu links to see more of what the website (your company) has to offer.   Great Stuff!

So, you already have a website!  Is it older than 2 years? 

New technology is advancing faster than ever before and unless your webmaster is keeping up with SSL Certificates, new Updates, Plugins and Security, then you could be in for very disappointing traffic numbers coming to your website.  We solve that.  All of that and more and make your website sparkle, shine, and get noticed.  Noticed by the Search Engines but also by people looking for you and your products.  That's really the name of the game, right?  Getting noticed and customers buying. 

If you are not getting the traffic you need, then it's time to talk with me about getting a Simple Website (Simplesight) from me. Let me prove it to you. 

With a Simplesight website, you get traffic, you get sales, you get satisfaction knowing that you have something really working for you.  Give me a call so I can send you a quote.  No obligation but if you don't ask me, you will never know how painless it is to get a website that actually produces.

Do you have a website already producing but want more.  We need to talk.  We can do that for you.  How?  Watch us!  It's that simple.  We are that powerful.  Call me!


Lawrence M Law

The Website Guy


How do I get more traffic to my website?

Friday, November 30, 2018

Traffic is what makes a website work for your business to get more business. 

Your website should be just like having dozens or hundreds, even thousands of more sales people working for you for no extra cost.  It's awesome when it works right and very frustrating and costly if it doesn't.

At Studiosight, we use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you to help traffic to come to your website store and buy.

Here is the secret to how it works!  Well, that's a tough giveaway because website developers make a stab at it but it is always changing and why you have probably heard the frustration from many people with the cost and it's not working for them.

Well, there is a secret...  It does work!  But, the focus has to be on the things that do work and not on the fluff that doesn't work.  

Sometimes, website builders will offer SEO time at exorbidant fees so they can make more money and perhaps they don't even know what works and what doesn't.  But, we do!

We offer small, simple, beautifully designed websites that are packed with SEO that works!  What makes it work?  Complying with what the search engines are looking for.  What are they looking for?  Well, here are a few items that really work and you need us to focus on.

Reviews!  Reviews are huge and 92% of people will read reviews before they purchase.  Does Google like that?  They sure do and will rank you higher when you have more good reviews.  Studiosight has the answer that will help you get great reviews fast.  With Ratesight added to your website, you have unlimited access to getting many, many great reviews quickly and easily added to your website... but, we have to help you get this done right so it's showing and working correctly with the search engines like Google, Yahoo and the rest.  Call me today for a quote.

Authoritative Business Listing!  This is another powerful tool that works instantly to get you higher ranked.  The power is evident in this when we had a client that was getting 2 to 3 calls a day to over 100 a day just by adding this powerful tool.  Call me to get a quote but the results far outweighs the cost.  You will love it!!!

Going Local!  Google and the search engines love local.  We help to structure your website to be found locally and that helps your national ranking as well.  Want to be seen?  Then let's talk!

Key words and Key Phrases!  These are crucial to your website ranking and we help you get it right.  Without these, you lack the info needed for the search engines to find you.  Can you write the copy and get it searched?  Well, sure, if you are an experiences copy writer that knows what works and what doesn't.  Let us do it for you and you will be surprised, really surprised at how little it costs to get it right!  Call me.

Authoritative Business Intro Video!  Wow!  The power this one has is mind blowing.  You have 3 seconds to capture someones attention or they are off to someone else's website and you've lost them... perhaps forever.  With a powerful intro video, you will find people will stay longer, understand that you have what they want and then dig deeper to find and buy what you have and they want.  A perfect Win/Win!

There are so many more but that's what makes us so unique and powerful for the small business owner on a budget and looking for a website developer that knows his stuff and can build you a website that will get you ranked, rated and seen!  

So, check out my own website that has all these tricks and strategies applied and see how you like what we have to offer.  Need more examples?  Check below and see them all at work.  They are awesome and we can make an awesome website for you as well. 

Pricing starts at just $99/mo for a Simple Website that really works. 

Need a Custom Website?  We build those too and they are far less expensive than what you would think for what you are getting.  Give us a try!  Ask for a quote and you will be amazed and delighted. 

This is not just a Simple Website builder.  We are Masters of our trade and create works of website art as Craftsmen. 

Ask for a Demo today.


Lawrence M Law

The Website Guy


Simple vs Regular Websites

Monday, October 29, 2018

I've spent a lot of time looking at websites and I'm sure you have too.  

Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to find what you are looking for and the website is so complicated that you can't find it.  Oh, and there are no links to help you get there.  They mention them, they say you should go there, but there's no link to make it easy and simple.  And then you spend a ton of time trying to find it.  Frustrating!

We saw all that, felt the frustration and decided to do something about it. 

First, we add a short video to get your prospective client's attention.

Then we add a short text to see if this is a good fit for them.

Next we add links or they can fill in 3 short bits of information to have you contact them.  You know your product so contacting them because they wanted you to turns into a new paying client.  How great is that. 

How was it done?  Simple!  With a simple vs regular website that makes it simple for clients to come to you. 

Add Ons - yes we have add ons.  Simple tools to make your website productive, compelling and profitable.  Here are some of the add ons.

Online webstore  -  Blog  -  Reviews  -  Top Bar Announcement  -  Live Chat  -  Calendar  -  Exit Intent Pop-up  -  Count Down Timer  -  Social Proof Notification  - and much more

All of these add ons are designed with the end in mind... getting new clients, reselling old clients and getting more traffic to your website.

How does it work!  Fantastic and it works for you. 

Call and get discuss with me today and see if our Simple Website is a fit for your business.  It will save you time, money and worry... knowing your have a website that is pulling in new customers for you and your business 24/7.   Or, you have make up your own website perameters and get started today.  Just click on what you need and I'll be calling to verify everything with you and get your website built faster that you can sink a battleship.

Do it today and start getting new clients tomorrow...


Lawrence M Law

The Website Guy


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